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Hey my name is Madison Lain I am just a small town country girl. I enjoy the simpler things in life. I am fun and full of energy. I spend most of my time trying to better my life. I love animals such as foxes, horses, pigs, basically any mammal.
I love trucks, cars, boats mostly anything with a motor. I’m new to the whole being a girly girl thing so if you see a bruise don’t be worried... I’m just rough sometimes but hey that’s not a bad thing.. right? Basically I’m an all around fun and sexy girl.
Oh did I mention I love to turn guys on.. Are you ready for me! Hope to see you inside my member’s area... xoxoxo

Q: What is your favorite type of sex?
A: My favorite type of sex is horny sex.. You know that sex where your so turned on before you even get naked, that by the time your naked your already cumming before penetration... I love it!

Q: Do you prefer to give or receive?
A: Both I suppose. I really love to give, but at the same time I love being held down and penetrated!

Q: What’s your favorite foreplay activity?
A: I love giving oral, but I sometimes the best foreplay is just being touched, teased and toyed with.


Q: Have you ever faked an orgasm?
A: Yes, what woman hasn't I normally don’t have a problem though. I’m naturally very sexual so I cum quite easily as you’ll see inside my member’s area! If a man doesn’t get me off that is his bad not mine.. lol

Q: Morning, afternoon, or night sex?
A: Honestly I am kind of a sex addict. Some people think its a bad thing but I don’t think so.. I’m young and it feels so good so my answer is morning, noon and night!! PLEASE

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?
A: I am kind of a people watcher. I like making faces at babies when there parents aren't looking. I spend alot of time online. Mostly I love being outside, swimming and having fun in the sun.

Q: Do you consider yourself a romantic person?
I am definitely a romantic person, I am a huge cuddle bug. I love curling up on my couch watching old black and white movies dreaming of a love like the old days..

Q: Do you have any fetishes ?
I guess you could say being tied up is a fetish, I really like that. Well at least the feeling of not being in control. Role play is fun too. Every girl has a Batman sex fantasy right ?


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